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SoCal UX Job Fair & Meetup

Nerd heaven: learning about the latest in UX while meeting killer startups On Sept. 17, I attended the latest SoCal UX group meetup in downtown Los Angeles, where 29o designers mingled with startups looking for talent, and honed their skills by learning about the...

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Brainwashed User Confesses: “I Was a Human Bot-net for Klout”

When Hootsuite, the industry leader when it comes to managing social media profiles, removes a feature so essential to what community managers, social marketing execs and wanna-be YouTube stars are trying to do (i.e. identify & interact with “influencers” to thereby achieve business goals), then there is definitely Something Really Heavy going on behind the scenes.

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Five classes. Two years. One graduation day.

In a business environment that closely resembles the last five minutes of a James Bond film, where the klaxons are blaring and guys in white jumpsuits are frantically running around and dying in explosions because Bond just set the reactor to overload… the absolute stupidest, most dangerous thing you can possibly do is just stand still. Act defensively.

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